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and have no other option? just a minute. i didn't hear that. you don't have a plan? but you're out there making statements attacking the president's health care plan and you don't have a plan yourself? did you tell that to the media you're spouting your criticism? did you tell them you're empty handed? that you're all about talking down the affordable care act but you've got nothing to offer the cancer patients out there stuck without insurance or all the other people with pre-existing conditions? i have a plan which is perfect for you. it's what we used to say in the schoolyard. put up or shut up. alex wagner is the host of "now" and eugene robinson is a columnist for the "washington post" and a msnbc political analyst. it seems some of the bold print names we read when everybody's talking down health care, and it's fair enough for somebody to have clean hands to do it. you hear comments from people with no health care plan, never did have a health care plan, belong to a party that doesn't even feel a shame about having none. yet they offer it up to us in the big media as sidewalk
. the hobby lobby says the evangelical christian religious beliefs of the company's owners mean that they don't want their employees to have access to contraception in their health insurance. another case was a mennonite owned wood working business from pennsylvania. mennonites are sometimes confused with the amish, but -- not believing in health insurance itself all together. so if your boss is a mennonite or is an amish guy who thinks that health insurance itself is wrong, does that mean that you don't get health insurance at work even if otherwise the law would say you had to? that's what's so fascinating about this case. it is the rick santorum, the pill kills folks they're an outgrowth of the anti-abortion movement, they think contraception is the same thing as abortion and they're against them both. if you're against birth control these folks are your folks. these are the folks who put person hood on the ballot in mississippi and colorado and other places, in which case if those things pass, all abortion would be criminalized, all of it. but also the iud would be criminalized because th
. like you see it but you don't see it. and that is where society breaks down. >> and these are people killed? >> yes. absolutely. there's more than that, too. trust me. a whole bunch of them. >> wow. i mean, people keeping books on children killed, not children graduating. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> this right here used to be a very bustling area. used to be houses everywhere. >> right in this area. >> yes, sir. houses all over the place. businesses were bustling. right here you could see some abandoned, boarded up windows and houses. and that's the empty factory plant. >> i don't see a lot of activity. what happened to this factory? >> well, you've got hundreds of thousands of jobs that have moved overseas. >> these are about people underground that could no longer go get a factory job, therefore couldn't feed their family, therefore couldn't consume from the store. that's how this went down to nothing. then drugs and guns and all of that was proliferated. >> i raised my son not to play with guns. i talked to my son six hours before he was murdered. my son told me he was coming home.
a listen. >> we don't want to return to the days of 1776 when we had to rise up, when we had king george iii who was far less worse than barack hussein obama. >> we've heard the litany of high crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by the occupant in the white house. >> the birth certificate released by mr. obama and the white house is a fake, a fraud, and a lie. >> our socialist president or a president who favors muslim interest over american interest in the middle east. >> let me go to clarence. it's not just the wackos in the streets like those guys. it's not just them with this constant attack, this attack the president is not an american, et cetera. which you could laugh at, but there's an organized establishment wing to this which is to now make sure he doesn't have any powers of the presidency. we learned the power of the courts in this country. they're the one who is can pass laws like citizens united. the more money you got, the more votes you got. they won't even let him appoint judges. >> that's right. he's had about 20 judicial executive appointments that have been blocked, som
, or the fifth amendment. also, yeah, don't keep asking. there have been fights in the past about people who were picked to be judges about their qualifications, their temperament, whether they were a good person for that job. what's new is this. there is no objection to this guy. republicans don't think there's anything wrong this guy. no republican cast a vote against him. but you still got to wait for 17 months anyway because we're going to block the vote on you, filibuster your nomination, and make everybody take extraordinary measures to let you get anywhere near the pench, even though we have no problem with you as a nominee nominee. that is new. and that is not a fight over mr. toronto. that is not a fight about anybody specifically the president is picking. that is a fight about whether or not this president, like all other presidents who went before him, is allowed to put people on the federal bench. this is a fight about president obama. it's not that they dislike the nominees. they don't think that a president named barack obama should be allowed his nominees for the federal bench. lib
things we don't know about him. forget the tanning and the golfing, look, he eats grits. but with him standing in front of immigration reform and the kids organizing for reform, and being so bold and emotionally compelling in their appeals it probably was just a matter of time before john boehner sitting there at the diner had a spectacularly articulate latina 13-year-old, telling him very politely as he was eating his grits, her father was being deported, and please wouldn't he allow a vote. and there they were again talking to his windows in the pre-dawn gloaming, and setting that sad thanksgiving table out on the sidewalk. and once they left john boehner's house this morning they went to eric cantor's office at the capital, where 11 of them were arrested for peaceful civil disobedience, it would be one thing if they were trying to get republicans to do things that republicans just say they don't want to do. if these guys were protesting for let's say, abortion rights or a progressive tax system or something else that republicans just flat out say they do not want then what these ki
, who will no longer be allowed to vote because they don't have the right i.d., that's over 9%. problem solved, right? same thing holds true in the big counties, in the urban counties, like bexar county and tarrant counties. 1.8 million, 1.9 million people in these counties, big counties. bexar county is in san antonio, tarrant county is in ft. worth. these counties are similar in lots of ways, except tarrant county is mostly white, bexar county is mostly latino. but the i.d. law is going to affect voting in these counties in a way that is really perfectly suited to republicans, because the number of people who are legal voters but who are going to be turned away from voting because they don't have the right documentation? look at it, it's 2-1. it's 2-1. in the white county, it's only going to affect like 3% of voters, but in the latino county, it's going to be more than double that. overall, this new "ap" analysis of voter lists from every texas county finds that counties with higher poverty rates or a higher proportion of minorities had higher rates of voters without i.d.s. so, tomorr
? >> a lawyer. >> this guy is the president's lawyer, and i don't want to put a political hack in that position. >> actually he's the defense department general council. but you can call him a political hack. that's michael mccall, if you are the general council to the pentagon, that's the same thing as you being the president's lawyer. you're a political hack, who's obviously unqualified for a national security job. and maybe it does not matter in this case, maybe it does not affect congressman mccall's perspective that he appears to be the richer person in all of congress. once you know that about him, though, it's hard not to keep that in mind when you see him in action, when you see him calling the guy a hack, saying essentially that he hasn't earned what he's got. michael mccall is the richest member of congress because he married a person who is going to inherit the clear channel fortune. his wife's father founded clear channel, michael mccall, married his wife and because of that and their shared assets, he is worth an estimated half billion dollars. more than anybody else in congress. d
caucus in the senate. >> you know, there's a national website, don' it's got as of a few minutes ago, 578,000 signatures on it. every time in the past few weeks i've got on fox news, we've seen another 10, 20,000 signatures. >> you know, if you were moved by that ted cruz prime-time appearance on fox news, if you were moved to add your name to that petition, you would find when you went to don', you would find when you went there, a giant "donate" button, and if you were inspired by ted cruz to click that button and make that donation, your donation would go to the senate conservatives fund, so they could do stuff like running attack ads against mitch mcconnell in kentucky, fueled by ted cruz's relentless, it slices, it dices, it juliennes fund-raising pitches, the senate conservatives fund reported in september that they had their best fund-raising month all year. they razised more than $2 millin just in the month, and that buys a lot of really unflattering photoshopping of mitch mcconnell's jawline, and a lot of ominous music that makes you think of bad thing
expected it be like, i don't know, louie gohmert or michelle bachman, the ghost of jesse helms, but the actual speaker of the house, john boehner stepped up personally to make sure that that anti-gay group was well taken care of today at the united states capitol. your tax dollars at work. he's third in line to the presidency. fred phelps from the westboro baptist church didn't need to use the room at that time? john boehner also made news this week by repeating his insistence that he won't allow the employment discrimination act come up for a vote in the house. right now, legally, you can't discriminate in employment in the country on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, national origin, disability, or genetic formation. the bill that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of basises on which you cannot discriminate. right now in the majority of american states, if your boss hears that you're gay or decides that he or she thinks that you're gay, your boss can fire you on the spot for that reason and that reason alone. and you have norecourse, in a ma
and talk about him and about what he is doing. i don't think there is a single politician in america that fascinates me more than jerry brown. he is the oldest governor in the country and the oldest governor in california's history. if you go back four decades ago, he was the youngest, elected in 1974 at the age of 36. it took him just over a year to decide, it was time to run for president. he entered the 1976 democratic race and he entered it very late, in may of that year, months after the new hampshire primary. something like that would be unthinkable today. nominations back then at least theoretically could be decided at dead-locked conventions. brown was the young governor, jumps into the race in may of '76. guess what? he starts winning. he wins in maryland. he wins in nevada. he wins big in california. it is too late for him to make the battle in rhode island, in new jersey. he tells voters to check off uncomplimented on their ballots. uncomplimented wins those states. jerry brown was pretty much a national political sensation in 1976. they use all that late momentum from all
day. that is a hard thing to do when you don't have the money in the media. the thing is, barbara only had this nomination because her party gave up on it. if the democratic party decided they could contest and win this, it's a very machine heavy state. somebody else would have been in that position. if you don't like what christie has done as governor, if you don't like the pension bill that he put forward, he got that through not because chris christie wanted it but because the democrats who have formed an alliance with him from south jersey to a few other pockets wanted it too. they got it through. they went to sleep on john course signed, they were in nonfactor. that is where they had it. >> in terms of the way that this translates to the next round of politics, i have never understood why the size of chris christie's martin in his reelection effort would say something important about his presidential reelection bid. he did everything he could. the democrats folded. that helped. he was 6-1 of spending the democrat he was running against even when he did not need to. cost the state
to do when your party isn't around you, you don't have the money and the media. barbara bono only had this nomination because her party sort of gave up on it. if the democratic party decided they could contest this and they could win this, this is a very machine heavy state, somebody else would have been in that position. and it really is the story of chris christie's governorship. like, if you don't like what christie has done as governor, if you don't like for instance the pension bill that he put forward, well, he got that through not because chris christie won it, he got it through because the democrats who have formed an alliance with him from south jersey and few other pockets of the state wanted it too. they got it through. they went to sleep on jon corzine on 2009, a nonfact they are year. >> in terms of the way this translates to the next round of politics, i've never understood why the size of chris christie's margin in his re-election effort would say something important about his presidential re-election bid. but he really did everything he could to drive up the margin, ri
. the reform won't be fully implemented until 2018, so there's time. don't rush your decision. know the facts. visit >> don't rush your decision. no need to sign up for this health insurance thing right away. maybe wait until -- what does d she say? wait until 2018, four years from now sound good? you're not planning on getting sick, are you?, she says at the end there. here's i should tell you that the marketing team from chicago that flew into alaska after consulting a map, they say they had nothing to do with the associated website. they just made the ad. but here is the website that that ad was for. it gives you this kind of clumsy warning about how you, you could face irs penalties if you enroll into a federal exchange plan. and then you take their quiz, this five-question quiz about whether you should sign up for obama care, given your personal situation and what's important to you. so, you take the quiz. you tell them whether or not you are a person who "likes having choices when selecting a physician or a hospital.
. easy peasy. >> usually animation in a political ad is shorthand for don't bother watching this because it will be lame, but this is a good ad, on the 20th anniversary of background checks being required at gun stores if not anywhere else. but of course the real politic of this issue right now in our country is less easy peasy, like the ad says, and more like idaho. because do you want to know what the resolution is to the story of the republican state representative who it turns out was charged with forcible rape twice, and who pled guilty with assault with intent to rape, and then lied about it on his gun application twice, and then got caught lying about it by the local sheriff, do you want to know how the story ends? the guy gets to keeps gun, and his concealed permit to carry, even though, you know, he lied about rape and felony. and he gets to keep the gun and permit, because turns out there is a state law in idaho, one of the elected officials in idaho, there is a state law that says the legal requirements for getting a gun permit in that state don't apply to you. the local press
versus probable cause? >> harriet miers looked hesitant and confused. quote, i don't know what either of those two mean, she admitted. the lawyers were shocked. when it comes to the highest court in the land this was as basic as it gets. if she could not handle the most fundamental terminology, how would she survive under the senate hearing. they went through more questions and discovered how little she knew. the fourth amendment on search and seizure, the fifth amendment on self-incrimination, quote, she literally knew nothing about it at all, nothing, one official recalled. so in the press, at the time, the conservative movement claimed they got their scalp when the nomination fell apart and an interesting decision by the bush administration for them to take the hit themselves and give the conservative movement kudos they didn't deserve. think about how much worse it would have been if people would've known the truth if people had known that president bush thought that a supreme court seat should go to somebody who didn't know what search and seizure meant. that he'd look around the
it. they are not bummed or worried. they don't see a problem with what happened in virginia last night. and you can see it both in their attitudes and plans about what they will do going forward. in terms of the attitude. i mean, there is no ambiguity about the race, no question about whether or not terry mcauliffe won. but ken cuccinelli reportedly never called the man he lost to. "the washington post" says that cuccinelli has no plans to ever call terry mcauliffe to formally concede or congratulate him on his win. that is in terms of the attitude. in terms of the plan, though, republicans never seem to make a course correction. you may remember even in the reporting of the results coming out from virginia, you already hear the lament from republicans. that they actually could have had a candidate that could have won easily over terry mcauliffe. this guy could have won, the republican lieutenant governor, bill bowling, a sort of main stream republican in virginia who was well liked. he probably could have won if he had been on the ballot instead of ken cuccinelli. but the reason
that these conditions can respond well to therapy. so if you're gay, don't worry, it can be cured. says the boy with the hooker masseuse. sorry, masseuse. george reekers is part of a group called narth. that's the leading clinical organization that says they can cure you of being gay. ex other well known organization that claims to be able to change your sexual orientation actually closed up shop. they issued a statement in which they actually admitted that you can't change the sexual orientations of people. it doesn't work. sorry. exodus international is now gone. george reeker is now impossible to google without finding yourself lost in an online world of fascinating gay dating sites. but michael rosebusch who co-authored a book with george reeker, michael rosebush has found a way to land on his feet. because he's the guy who's now running the mandatory counseling program for all cadet at the united states air force academy. it's not like he's been hiding his particular light under a bushel here. this is his work history. this is his therapy of how to rid yourself of homosexual attractions, c
, the negotiations, let alone the deal, would not have happened if he was not on board with them. over here, we don't have an ayatollah, but the "washington post" editorial page has been a pretty good reminder of how aggressively hawkish toward iran even the supposedly liberal press is here in the united states. but check it out. "washington post" lead editorial on the agreement. yeah, it ticks off a list of things that they dislike about it, but bottom line, they are sort of kind of willing to embrace it, saying it is a "worthy interim step," saying it is "preferable to military action." for now, they say the prudent course is to "give diplomacy its chance." so, the president got to announce that deal in the middle of the night on a total surprise on a saturday night, basically at midnight. but then, wait! there's more! turns out that while the iranian foreign minister was in geneva to work on the nuclear talks for the deal that got announced in the middle of the night on saturday, while he was there in geneva, he also had some time for negotiating on other stuff. the u.n. envoy who's in charge of
birther. at this hour in the race, we don't have any results to report. this is going to be closely watched as a sort of maybe a bell weather, maybe a sign, maybe a microchasm on the larger in party republican fighting going on in the country. that alabama race is going to be interesting. there will be a contest in december against a democrat in that race, but the primary is thought to be all but -- again the big story tonight, as yet s what is happening in virginia where nbc news is characterizing the virginia governor's race as to close to call at this hour. a slilg r slight up date, 86% of the precincts reporting, ken kuch with 46% of the vote. >>> virginia always holds it's governor's elections in off years like this one. it's not only an odd year, it's an odd, odd year, 2013, a year after the presidential race. but that's the way that virginia always does it. and heading into tonight's elections, virginia had a really stark and really stable and really specific record of who the state of virginia would elect to be governor. since 1977, in every single governor's race in virgini
are maybe pro-choice or maybe don't care very much, but certainly aren't as motivated to vote on those issues as the anti-abortion republican base. that's been the calculation on this for a generation. but look at what just happened in virginia. one you have over five voter who is turned out this in election said that abortion was the most important issue driving their vote. but, look how they voted. a large majority of those voters motivated by the choice issue didn't vote for the anti-abortion guy. they voted for the pro-choice guy. because it turns out, hey, wow, there can be fervency on both sides of this issue. that changes the calculation that has been static for the republicans for a generation. fascinating. and so, yeah, elections have consequences. terry mcauliffe in virginia said in his acceptance speech that he will be a, quote, brick wall against any legislation attempting to further curtail women's rights in virginia. and while sitting down for his awkward first-and-last date with bob mcdonnell today, both men know the first thing terry mcauliffe is going to do in office i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 85 (some duplicates have been removed)